Leadign the way

Leading the Way:
Steps Boards Can Take To Strengthen Corporate Governance

Boards that participate in the NACD’s Leading the Way Campaign benefit directly by improving the quality of dialog around critical issues. They also help demonstrate that boards are playing the lead role in governance and oversight excellence.

NACD is asking all directors engage in the Campaign by following these steps:

Step 1 - Download, Share & Schedule
    Step 2- Discuss and Review
        Step 3- Commit and Connect

Step 1 Download, Share & Schedule

  • Download and review the NACD Key Agreed Principles, the widely-accepted framework for board governance practices.
  • Share that document with the nominating and governance committee chair or whole committee. Read the Boardroom Implementation Guide to see how easy it can be to conduct a review of your governance practices in light of the NACD Key Agreed Principles.
  • Schedule a Principles Review — add to the agenda of an upcoming nominating and governance committee meeting.

Step 2 Discuss and Review

Conduct a review of your board’s practices to determine how they align with the Principles. Can your processes be aligned with the Principles to gain a greater competitive advantage? This review prompts invaluable discussion.

  • Choose a method for conducting your review:
  • Conduct the review
  • Set timeline and assign responsibilities for action items identified by the committee/board.

Step 3 Commit and Connect

As a final step, commit to ongoing board development, and let NACD know when you have completed your review so we can demonstrate that collectively, directors are taking action.

Why Share Your Campaign Progress With NACD?

Renewed public and investor confidence in corporate governance is key to our economic recovery. Adding your board’s name to the roster of Campaign participants helps NACD demonstrate that directors are playing the lead role in improving corporate governance and oversight excellence.

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NACD Key Agreed Principles

The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) believes that boards seeking ways to improve board performance and corporate oversight need a new, principles-based framework for making governance decisions.

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