Leading the way

Confidence in corporate America
has been shaken…

Together, we can show that
boards of directors are part of the solution!

NACD’s Initiative to Restore Public and Investor Confidence

The Initiative of the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) is empowering boards of directors to lead the way in restoring public and investor confidence. If we don’t act, lawmakers will do so with prescriptive rules and regulation.

This Initiative offers a more meaningful solution. It calls upon every director and board to take some simple, yet effective, steps to strengthen corporate governance, using the NACD Key Agreed Principles as a roadmap.

Individually, each board benefits by participating. Collectively, we demonstrate that directors have a leading role in our economic recovery.

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What are the benefits to our board for participating in the Initiative?

  • Clearer expectations among all parties in the governance process
  • Better board process and information flow
  • More strategic engagement

Click to view the video about how boards can help restore confidence in America’s corporate governance.

NACD Key Agreed Principles

The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) believes that boards seeking ways to improve board performance and corporate oversight need a new, principles-based framework for making governance decisions.

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